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3 Ways to get Turkish Citizenship

3 Ways to get Turkish Citizenship

In most countries, you become a citizen by simply being born into the country. Turkey is one of those countries. Besides getting Turkish Citizenship by birth, there are other ways to get it; we will take a look at three.

By Birth

From the moment one is born in the country, they become its citizen. Not only that, if a child is born outside Turkey to a Turkish mother or father (within the unity of marriage) then he or she is also taken as a Turkish citizen. The same applies to a Turkish mother bearing a child with an alien father she is not married to. On the other hand, for a child born to a Turkish father and alien mother out of wedlock, the child will only become a citizen if their descent is proved.

Through Naturalization

You can get Turkish citizenship by simply staying in the country for at least five years. Your 5-year stay can be through a working visa or a student’s visa. If you get married to a Turkish citizen then you only need a 3-year residency to qualify for Turkish citizenship.

Through real estate

If you have the money, then becoming a Turkish citizen through real estate is the fastest way. All you need is to acquire property worth 250,000 USD to qualify. And, the good news is that it doesn’t have to be one property for that amount, it can be several properties that total the 250,000 USD.

It could be an office, housing, a store, or even an estate, as long as it amounts to the 250,000 USD.

Getting Turkish citizenship through real estate purchase comes with plenty of perks. Not only is it the fastest way to get your papers, but it also means that your family members will be granted temporary residence permits.  Your spouse enjoys the right of becoming a Turkish citizen. And, if you have children under the age of 18 then they also get to become Turkish citizens by default.

Of course, property purchase may not be as straightforward as many may like. For example, according to the recent amendment to the law, property purchase is not valid if the sale agreement is registered on behalf of the company where the foreigner or his family is a manager or partner. It is also not valid if it is transferred to a Turkish citizen or company after 12.01.2017 by the foreigner who seeks citizenship.

It is also important to note that once the foreigner has acquired citizenship, the property used cannot be used again to acquire another citizenship.


With its breathtaking nature and relatively simple ways to acquire citizenship, Turkey speaks to many foreigners who wish to explore its fascinating beaches, embrace its bewitching climate (depending on the region), and check out its historical sites. If you are looking to become a part of Turkey through getting citizenship then you can get one through naturalization, by marriage, or by investing in real estate.


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