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Turkish Citizenship Process

What is the process to get Turkish Citizenship by investment?

A lot has happened to Turkey in terms of its political stability, but it has weathered it all. Somehow, amid all the adverse effects that come with political instability, Turkey’s economy remains strong. Therefore, if you are flirting with the idea of getting Turkish Citizenship by investment, go ahead and do it. Turkey is the new investment hub for foreign investors; there is a wide investment pool to choose from. Whatever you want to put your money and energies in, it is here!

It is worth noting that Turkey has the easiest process to acquire its Citizenship across the world. It is a six-step process that is not as daunting as in other countries with hefty and nearly unrealistic demands. Here is what is required to get Turkish Citizenship by investment.

Advantages of acquiring Turkish citizenship through property investment.


Of all the ways you can acquire Turkish citizenship, why should you opt to do so via property investment? Well, above all else, this is by far the easiest and quickest way of becoming a Turkish citizen. As long as you complete a property purchase of $250,000 or more, you can apply to enjoy all of the benefits of Turkish citizenship.  


The benefits of Turkish citizenship include:



The process of getting Turkish citizenship.


Applying for Turkish citizenship through investment in property is largely dependent on the availability of your funds. As you might expect, you need to begin by making at least $250,000 available to invest in property in Turkey. Here’s an overall guide to the process of applying for citizenship:


  • Initial application: When you have purchased a property for at least $250,000, you can initiate the process by going to The General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre. At this stage, an appraisal will be carried out on your purchase to ensure it is indeed worth the minimum value required for your application to be successful.
  • Appraisal and approval: If the directorate finds no issues with your application, they will approve the initial transition to the citizenship process within seven days.
  • Application to Immigration bureau: You will then be directed to The Bureau of Immigration Services, to whom you will apply for a residence permit.
  • Final application to the General Directorate of Civil Registration: The final step in the citizenship application process is to apply to the General Directorate of Civil Registration and Nationality for your Turkish citizenship. You will be able to then track your application through the offices in either Istanbul or Ankara and can hope for a successful result within one month.


As you can see, although there are several steps and applications to be made to different government departments, providing your property purchase is transparent, and above board, you shouldn’t encounter any issues or delays with your application. Now that we’ve outlined the overall application process, we will answer some FAQs that will help you prepare for your application and ensure you have no unpleasant surprises along the way.

Here is a summary of the steps needed for Turkish citizenship

1. Purchase a property value at more than $250,000

Purchasing property a property is the 1st step to acquiring Turkish Citizenship by investment. You can use reputable real estate companies to search for a property of your taste. In making payment, deposit at least 10 percent of the total value of the house. Remember, the value of the house must be $250,000 on the minimum. By law, you have 30 days to clear the balance, after which a Title Deed for this is issued between 2 to 4 weeks. You must also acquire Earthquake Insurance for full compliance.

2. Present the application 

With relevant documents from the purchase of the property, the second step is presenting your application. Attach the necessary documents showing you have purchased a property and complied with all regulations set. Attach a copy of the Title Deed, property valuation, and two receipts from your bank. One of the receipts should show a transaction in progress, while the other should show incoming status to the seller of the property. Also, present certified passports for you and your family if they are joining you.

An eligibility certificate is issued within seven working days if you present all these documents.

3. Apply for a Residence Permit

Present a dully-filled Residence Permit form together with an Eligibility Certificate. Attach original passports and other certified copies as requested, accompanied by biometric photos of all the applicants. An active insurance cover is also required. Wait for between 5-7 working days for the Residence Permit.

4. Submit Application to Civil Registrar

You need to present certified copies of your residence permit, Citizenship Application form, and certification that you’re divorced, single, married, or widowed. In case of divorce, your ex-spouse must certify so in writing. Ten biometric photos of all applicants and Birth Certificates should be presented.

5. Wait for approval

This may take between three to four months. While waiting, a national security probe on your application will be in play.

6. Get your Turkish citizenship documents

The relevant department notifies you of the application status. You then apply for a Turkish Passport and National Identity Card (ID). Fingerprint biometrics are taken for all the applicants in Turkey.

Final thoughts

Isn’t it quite easy to obtain Turkish Citizenship by investment? It is. Turkey has a safe environment for your investment and has more potential for growth in the future.


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