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Turkish Citizenship Documents

Documents required to apply for Turkish citizenship

Before diving onto the documents required for applying for Turkish citizenship, it’s important to note that all government documents must be ratified by either the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country that’s issuing the documents or by the Turkish consulate or embassy within the country of origin. Ratification can also be done by the Turkish representative of the given country in Turkey.

The documents required are determined by how you wish to get the Turkish citizenship. The main focus here will be on getting citizenship through real estate purchase.

First off, it is important to note that if you are getting citizenship through real estate purchase then applications should be made to the Directorate of Land Registry to receive the certificate of conformity. The certificate of conformity is vital to determine that the property value is as required by law (250,000 USD) and that its status of ownership will not change in the next three years.

citizenship by investmentOther requirements include:

  • You will need to fill in a Residence permit application form
  • Have a valid passport that is translated and notarized.
  • Resident permit or valid Tourist visa on your passport
  • A certified birth certificate or any official document that shows the date and place of birth.
  • A certified civil status paper such as marriage certificate, divorce certificate, or death certificate if applicable. These should to be translated and certified by a notary or the Turkish Consulate.
  • Property valuation report on the date of the title deed.
  • Appraisal report
  • Photocopy of the title deed of the purchased property or a copy of the pledge of sales contract with the notary public.
  • Bank receipt showing payment of a minimum of 250,000 USD. You will need both the buyer’s account and the seller’s account receipts indicating the transaction and completed with a direct stamp from the bank.
  • Provide biometric photos of not more than 6 months, with a white background.
  • Have valid health insurance
  • If you have family and the children are under 18 and under the guardianship of one of the parents, then you will need to provide proof of content from the other parent. This document should be translated and certified by the Turkish Consulate or the Notary Public. Special consideration is given to children above 18 with disabilities.
  • For the married applicants with children, proof has to be given of the same as well as the number of children. It has to be translated and certified by the Turkish Consulate or the Notary public.

General application processes

Besides getting citizenship through real estate, you can also get it through naturalization, by joining the bank deposit program, or by marriage. The documents required vary depending on your circumstances.

Generally speaking, you will need your passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, residence permit, photographs, and the Turkish identity number of relatives. You may also be required to attend an interview in Turkish and so learning the language beforehand is important.

If you are obtaining the citizenship through the Bank deposit program then you have to  the Banking Regulatory Authority to get a certificate of conformity that indicates that 500.000 USD or its equivalent has been deposited in a bank that operate in Turkey.  There should also be an acknowledgment that the funds won’t be withdrawn for here years.


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