Friday, 7 May 2021

Property for Citizenship by Investment in Turkey

How to Choose The Property for Citizenship by Investment in Turkey

When someone relocates to a country such as Turkey, they must first find work. When this job booms and becomes profitable and successful, immigration to Turkey will be the next big thing. This is due to the fact that you now have a career to work on. Following that, the next big step is to invest in Turkey, as it will become your new home.

But wait, did you know that you can become a Turkish citizen in an instant by simply purchasing property in the country?

You certainly can. In fact, it is one of the six most straightforward ways to obtain Turkish citizenship. So, how do you decide which property to purchase or invest in?

As a foreigner, you need reasons why you would want to invest in Turkey; well, here are some of those reasons:

  • The climate is delightful.
  • The culture is rich.
  • The social structure is accommodating.
  • Religious tolerance is commendable
  • Living costs are affordable, and the people are hospitable.

These factors make foreigners feel right at home, thus consider immigration to Turkey as an option to take. So here is how you settle on a property to buy.

Do extensive research

This is the golden rule when it comes to owning any property. And since the real estate sector in the country has massively grown over the years, you want to root the real dealers and the fakes. You start by looking into the locations that best suits you, your budget, the expected lifestyle, and the weather. You want to make a sound decision, and research will be the guiding light to gain Turkish nationality by investment.

Get an experienced agent.

Most of the research might be carried out while you are in your home country, but you need someone on-ground to help you assess the properties and confirm their legitimacy. Carry out a thorough vetting on potential agents and narrow it down to one that understands you best. Getting the best is the most promising way to gain Turkish nationality by investment.

Once you settle on one, become good friends, as they will be with you every step of the way.

Visit Turkey

It is rather weird wanting to gain immigration to Turkey and even invest there if you have never visited the country. That said, before making any commitments in buying property, visit the country and confirm the greatness Turkey is.

A trip before investing in Turkey and right before buying a property is crucial. If the agent has already decided on one for you, arrange another journey and access the property for yourself. This is why it is good to have options to select the best to invest in Turkey.

Negotiate the price and payments

After viewing your potential Turkey home, you finalize the price negotiations with your agent and the company they represent before closing the deal. The prices of the chosen properties are compared to your budget, and both parties reach an agreeable amount and set the best transfer mode of payment.

Finally, the property is reserved, and its price is frozen in that it is not in the market for sale anymore!

Parting shot

To get the property, you must get a solicitor who will complete the purchase for you. And now, you are almost there to gain Turkish nationality by investment.

In a month or so, you will be a Turkish citizen with a title deed to enjoy what Turkey has to offer fully!



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